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for all Walks of Life

  • A full and active life depends on healthy feet and strong ankles
  • Our goal is your healthy, pain-free and fully functional lifestyle.
  • Our Doctor specializes in foot and ankle care.
  • Two Central Washington Locations - Yakima & Ellensburg
  • Serving east of the Cascade Mountains

Donald W. Orminski,
D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

Our Doctor

Specializes in foot and ankle care. We treat ailments and discomforts that hold you back, including: bunions, heel and arch pain, hammer toes, ingrown toenails, neuroma (nerve swelling and pain), arthritis, foot and ankle sprains, stress fractures, sports injuries, bone spurs, tendonitis, childhood adolescent foot problems, need for orthotic support, diabetic foot and wound care, warts and other skin issues of the feet and ankles.

Let us assist you with complete care, pain relief and comprehensive treatment, including surgery when needed. You can count on quality, compassionate care for the whole family, as well as the latest in diagnostic technology and treatment techniques.




Our onsite, technologically advanced Ambulatory Surgical Center is fully equipped to handle outpatient surgery. Experienced Board Certified surgeon Dr. Orminski provides patients with consistent, seamless treatment from initial diagnosis to full post-operative recovery. With our doctor and staff conveniently located onsite for consultation and support, our patients receive integrated, collaborative care during all phases of their surgical experience, including pre-op and post-op.